Something that readers of my TDA 2009 blog may not have realised, is that for the first half (2 months) of the tour, I was writing my blog posts on an Asus eeepc laptop powered almost entir

The Zenga Brothers and Brian Vernor teamed up on the 2008 Tour d'Afrique and spent four months on the tour capturing it from their perspective.

For anyone who is interested, my friend and fellow Tour d'Afrique rider Denis Korivo has posted some photo's from the Tour online. Denis is clearly an accomplished photographer and the photos are stunning.

I've published a collection of African "panoramas" (ie photo stitched pictures) on my flickr account.

I've published the best photos from my Tour d'Afrique 2009 expedition on here

This photo was taken as a series of shots and then stitched together using the open source Hugin photo stitching software. The storm hit me a minute or so after I took the photos.

I've been home now for just over 24 hours. I am surprised at how quickly I have adjusted and everything has become "normal". I was expecting arriving home to be a surreal experience, but it wasn't. Everything is just the same as it ever was.

It is done !

My will to struggle through headwinds, over “rolling hills” and long distances has completely left me. Capetown is almost in sight and I just want into get to the end and stop cycling, camping and eating peanut butter sandwhiches.

Well here I am on the final rest day of the tour at a small town called Felix Unite in Namibia, very close to the border with South Africa. Tomorrow we will start the final section of 780 kilometres in 6 riding days.


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