Salesforce have launched a new product called "Salesforce Sites" which allows Salesforce customers to easily create content managed websites with workflow and full CRM integration.

The following is a video demo of "Google Wave" presented at Google IO 2009

These guys have built their own "UAVs"

A thought provoking article about computer security. A worthwhile read for anyone responsible for the security of corporate networks.

When I saw the link for this page on, I though it would be really handy for my girlfriend who has recently switched from

I've been doing some investigation into  Second Life from a business perspective. I've written an article about what I've found and published it on the Immediacy website.

I've just spent a little bit of time looking for a free
disk usage reporting tool.

There are plenty of, frankly rubbish ones out there.

The following tool however, is free, fast and works very nicely.

Not the most complicated bit of SQL I've ever written, but it took a bit of thinking about.

Something to watch out for ...


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