I've been seeing lots of articles recently about how someone has solved the "last remaining technical problem" to make electric cars a practical reality.

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Something that readers of my TDA 2009 blog may not have realised, is that for the first half (2 months) of the tour, I was writing my blog posts on an Asus eeepc laptop powered almost entir

Some people might argue that it never mattered, but I think I had a moment of insight the other evening :).

This robotic arm is co-ordinated with a camera to perform feats of incredible dexterity and speed. In the near future these things are going to be everywhere - building, cleaning, protecting, farming. Then what ?

An important signal used by Google is the text contained within hyperlinks. Pages pointed at by hyperlinks containing more relevant keywords tend to be ranked more highly by Google and therefore appear higher in the search engine.

1. It almost goes without saying, but open source software (OSS) is free.

2. A vast array of high quality open source applications already exist to solve almost every conceivable business problem.

I missed out on going to the 4 day TEDGlobal 2009 conference in Oxford recently largely because I didn't have the $4500 entrance fee. That doesn't matter though because TED videos the presentations and puts them online for free.

An electrically assisted bicycle that can travel at speeds of up to 80kph. You still have to pedal but it's quick, cheap and keeps you fit.


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