10 Web Technology Predictions for 2011

Since everyone else is doing it, just for once I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and make my top web technology predictions for 2011.

Events in 2010 have made me realise the truth in the old adage, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

So, here goes:

1. The overwhelming majority of email marketers will continue to wrongly believe that quantity is better than quality. They'll blast out irrelevant emails that go unread and spend digital consent like water without ever understanding what this is or what it costs.

2. The overwhelming majority of organisations will continue to make insufficient use of cheap web technology for improved customer service, more effective marketing and better internal communications. Many will continue to do less with more.

3. Nobody will allow their email subscribers to specify a maximum contact frequency. Even fewer will allow their subscribers to specify what interests them and what doesn't. A very small minority will make any attempt at subscriber retention on their un-subscribe page.

4. A minority of advanced digital marketers will continue to crunch data to unreliably determine their customer preferences, rather than simply asking them. The vast majority will neither know nor care about their customers preferences and just blast the message out like it was 1999.

5. A small minority of organisations will realise the benefits of speed of execution, the rest will continue to live with serious issues for lack of well timed surgical strikes in appropriate places. Only a successful minority will adopt a continuous improvement approach.

6. The fax machine will remain cutting edge communications technology in far too large a minority of businesses.

7. Cyber-criminals will increasingly exploit the total technical naivety of the overwhelming majority of internet citizens. Taking candy from babies is set to become big business.

8. The vast majority of websites will continue to be huge wasted opportunities. The main reasons will be lack of knowledge about the technological opportunities and lack of web-savvy staff to make the most of them.

9. Web based learning will be a hot topic in 2011. More people need to learn more than ever before, and they need to do it cheaply. It's easy to imagine how the web might fit into this picture but the overwhelming majority will continue to struggle on with expensive, traditional 1-to-few teaching methods.

10. Technological advancement will continue it's accelerating pace throughout 2011. The winners will be those who use cheap technology to concentrate on the basics - great products, great customer service, great product information, targeted web traffic generation and timely, effective communication. Not to mention clean, simple, effective web design.

If you might like my help keeping up with the successful minority in 2011, why not get in touch. It's going to be a very interesting year.


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