You use the Netflix website to rate films that you have seen on a scale from 1 = hated to 5 = loved.

Not the most complicated bit of SQL I've ever written, but it took a bit of thinking about.

I've just used the following web site to unlock my Pay as you Go Virgin Mobile Nokia 3310 so that I can use it on my O2 monthly contract.

Britian alone has an *awful* lot of radioactive waste.

Thanks for all your encouraging automated comments and feedback.

Could you just please stop ?


Something to watch out for ...

The following SQL script demonstrates how to perform multiple reverse DNS lookups from MS SQL Server.

In July 2007 I travelled to the Karajini National Park in Western Australia. These are probably my favourite 8 photos from the trip

This is old news for many, but has been running a competition for computer programmers. The prize is one million dollars!

In Photoshop, the Shift, Ctrl, Alt and Tab keys all modify the behaviour of the currently selected tool or action.


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