A thought provoking article about computer security. A worthwhile read for anyone responsible for the security of corporate networks.

I've been annoyed for some time by the periodic (and frequent) bouts of inexplicable disk activity on my Windows Vista machine.

An attempt to set a new world speed record from Ward Hunt Island to the Geographic North Pole by Ben Saunders. The current record was set in 2005 by a guided team using dog sleds and numerous re-supplies in a time of 36 days 22 hours.

Check out www.movielens.org

Its the best movie rating and recommendation site I've found.

This is both funny and clever. Aside from the how cute the whole thing is, I love the fact that the guy has designed a device so fool proof that even a dog can use it -safely

When I saw the link for this page on Digg.com, I though it would be really handy for my girlfriend who has recently switched from

I really enjoyed the following article from Alexander Kjerulf.

When driving in your car, have you ever noticed that "funny texture" that appears to move towards and then under the bonnet of your car as you travel forward ? This is known in automotive circles as "the ground".

I've been doing some investigation into  Second Life from a business perspective. I've written an article about what I've found and published it on the Immediacy website.

I've just spent a little bit of time looking for a free
disk usage reporting tool.

There are plenty of, frankly rubbish ones out there.

The following tool however, is free, fast and works very nicely.

In these days of increasingly mindless violent crime, I found the following excerpt from Robert A Heinleins, "Starship Troopers" particularly relevant.


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