Dan Osman climbs a vertical 400ft cliff in 4 minutes 25 seconds. Just shows what's possible if you have no fear. Sadly, Dan died in 1998 after his rope failed whilst performing a "free fall jump".

I thought you might be interested to know when the scheduled rest days are in the forthcoming Tour d'Afrique 2009. By implication, all the other days are very much not rest days.

Start - 10th Jan 2009 Cairo

JNMCC Mercy Home is a girls orphanage in the village of Maseno, near Kisumu, in Western Kenya.

AVIF is an innovative online charity that provides volunteer teachers and other support to disadvantaged communities in rural Kenya.

One of the charities I am supporting with my trip is the Tour d'Afrique Foundation.

The Foundation donates bicycles to health care workers and other deserving individuals in Africa.

It's been a pretty manic 6 weeks.

In addition to working pretty hard, I've been organising lots of details for the Tour d'Afrique trip.

Just when you think you've seen it all and know how terribly cruel human beings can be, you stumble across something so disgusting that it really makes you sick.

Having spent the last few and a bit years working for Immediacy I've decided I need to do something completely different. I like cycling, obviously.

Randy Pausch is a professor at Carnegie Mellon University and is presenting this video about "Achieving your childhood dreams". Anyone who has had dreams of success should watch. It's a long (1:16hr) but an incredible story.

This video is quite long (1hr) but it will (should) change how you think about source code management.

This short video (20 minutes) explains how and arguably why "stuff" is created and consumed.


These guys have built their own "UAVs"


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