Haskell is an advanced, next generation programming language rapidly gaining popularity due to compelling advantages.

How to implement good information security for small to medium sized organisations

This article is for people who have IT systems or data they would like to protect and who would be disappointed to find them irrevocably destroyed.

If, like me you've migrated your blog / site from Wordpress to Drupal you will probably want to arrange to 301 redirect all your Wordpress links to their new Drupal equivalents.

I've been wondering what to do with something I made a year or so ago. Should I patent it or try to get it manufactured ? In the end, I've just decided to publish it here as "prior art" so that nobody else can steal the idea. Apple be warned ;) !

The following SQL code will recalculate comment counts for all nodes on your site.

update node_comment_statistics ncs set comment_count = (select count(*) from comment c where c.nid = ncs.nid) where 1=1

Below are links to a couple of articles on Slashdot about the hardware and software required to run a massively high traffic website.

If you move your local repository of Drupal modules from sites/all/modules to sites/all/modules/contrib you may find that your site dies with error messages like "failed opening required".

Over the weekend I made this site for my girlfriends business, Fish Pedicure in Dorset

If you're reading this, you're probably wanting to change the collation of your mysql database to utf8_general_ci in order to support non-English characters.

Just a quick announcement to the world that I've recently launched this site for one of the uk's leading solar panel installation companies.

Since everyone else is doing it, just for once I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and make my top web technology predictions for 2011.

I am very pleased to announce the launch of an experimental html5 twitter client called TweetRep.


In my first article about .NET vs PHP performance I reported some surprising results.

I've spent a great many years developing quite large scale websites using Microsoft ASP and ASP.NET based content management systems. In the last couple of years I've also built some sites with PHP based CMSs.


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